Blended MHFA in the Workplace | Mental Health First Aid
Blended Workplace

What this session covers:

This 3.5-hour session is designed to be delivered after participants have completed the eLearning MHFA Course for the White-Collar Workplace.

Course participants are provided with an opportunity to revise the knowledge and skills learnt in the eLearning modules as well as

  • examine issues pertinent to mental health problems in the workplace in more depth
  • clarify any points of uncertainty remaining after completion of the eLearning modules
  • apply the MHFA Action Plan to relevant workplace scenarios
  • discuss and reflect 'a where to from now' in using their mental health first aid skills in the workplace.

All MHFA Courses teach how to give mental health first aid using the MHFA Action Plan ALGEE.

Finding a face-to-face session

MHFA does not centrally coordinate the face-to-face session of this Blended Course. Contact any of the MHFA instructors listed on the Instructor page with the workplace icon next to their names to arrange a course in your area. Instructors also advertise their courses at our course calendar. Most instructors are willing to travel but need expenses covered.


Your local Instructor can inform you of their individual fees for the face-to-face session.