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Our approach to the delivery of the MHFA suite of programs outside of Australia is through licensee agreements with non-profit organisations that are able to meet the following criteria:

1) Are in a position to tailor the MHFA curriculum to make it suitable for the local context. This includes having enough funding to cover the costs of staff time for up to 6-12 months to tailor, translate and print the teaching materials and a funding model that will keep the program sustainable in the future.

2) Are able to deliver the MHFA program to a large enough population within their country. That is, it has the organisational capacity (including the organisational/corporate service supports) to deliver the program nationally, rather than just in one city or region.

3) Preferably have a relationship with either a University or relevant government body that would be able to conduct an evaluation of the MHFA training when it is rolled out in the country.

4) The organisation is from a high income country that has a well-developed mental health care system and individualistic culture.
The program is currently not suitable for use in low to middle income countries with very different health systems and cultural backgrounds.

The current MHFA course is based on guidelines that have been developed using a systematic research technique called the Delphi consensus method that is based on the shared understanding of groups of experts. The MHFA guidelines are appropriate for high income countries that have well-developed mental health care systems and a more individualistic culture.

MHFA International plans to develop MHFA guidelines suitable for low to middle income countries. The guidelines will inform the development of a MHFA course for low to middle income countries. This work is subject to funding and MHFA International continues to apply for sources of funding for this project. If funding is secured, the project will take a number of years to be completed.

MHFA Programs that can be licensed in other countries

We recommend setting up the Standard MHFA course first, before licensing the Youth MHFA and Teen MHFA programs.
Please note: The Teen MHFA Program can only be delivered to adolescents if adults have already completing the Youth MHFA training. Therefore, the Teen MHFA Program can only be licensed with the Youth MHFA Program.

More Information

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