CPD | Mental Health First Aid

Claiming CPD for the 12-hour Standard MHFA Course
Information for Instructors Delivering to Members of Endorsed Professional Bodies

The 12-hour Standard MHFA course has been endorsed for Continuing Professional Development (CPD) points, by several professional bodies. View all currently valid endorsements.

Additional information specific to Instructors is provided on this page, including:

  • Additional requirements for your record keeping
  • Number of CPD points allocated
  • Process for your MHFA course participants to gain these points
  • Logos and wording that can be used on promotional materials
  • Important notes:

  • The exact wording for your marketing materials must be written as below must - no changes are permitted in any circumstance
  • Any of your MHFA participants who wish to claim CPD points will need to keep a record of attendance, so please advise them to keep their Certificate of Completion
  • Some participants may also require a record of attendance in addition to their Certificate of Completion
  • Australian College of Nursing Requirements

    1) Download logo
    2) Use the updated version of the feedback form during your course, which can be found on the resources page or using this

    3) Give participants the attached which lists the CPD points they have obtained
    4) Text for marketing materials: “This short course has been endorsed by Royal College of Nursing, Australia, according to approved criteria. Attendance attracts 10.5 RCNA Continuing Nurse Education (CNE) points as part of RCNA’s Life Long Learning Program (3LP)”

    Pharmaceutical Society of Australia Requirements

    1) Download logo
    2) The pharmacist needs to self-record the details of this activity and the points in their "My PD plan" section of the Pharmaceutical Society of Australia website.
    3) Instructors will need to sign (once only) a declaration of any conflicts of interest.

    the form, complete it and please send to Emma L. Wilson before you begin to promote any of your MHFA courses as accredited.
    4) Text for marketing materials: "Accreditation number: CX130051. This activity has been accredited for 12 hours of Group 2 CPD (or 24 CPD credits) for inclusion in an individual's pharmacist's CPD plan."

    Australian College of Mental Health Nurses

    1) Download logo
    2) Text for marketing materials: “Successful completion of the Standard Mental Health First Aid course earns 12 CMHN continuing professional education (CPE) points.”

    Australian College of Midwives (MidPlus) Requirements

    1) Download logo
    2) You are required to keep a list of their names. You must also ask them to complete this additional

    evaluation form. Send the list of names and evaluation forms to admin@midwives.org.au or fax to (02) 6230 6033 attention: Amanda Hentish
    3) Text for marketing materials: "An allocation of 12 MidPLUS Points has been approved for midwives who complete this activity."

    Australian Practice Nurses Association (APNA)

    1) Download logo
    2) Text for marketing materials: "This activity has been endorsed by the Australian Practice Nurses Association (APNA) according to approved criteria. Completion of this educational activity entitles eligible participants to claim 12 CPD hours."