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Mental Health First Aid

Seeking immediate help in Australia?
Emergency: Dial 000. Visit Lifeline: Dial 13 11 14 or Visit Kids Helpline: Dial 1800 551 800 or Visit Suicide Call Back Service : Dial 1300 659 467.

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Many people feel uncomfortable or unprepared starting a conversation about mental health and this may mean that they avoid the conversation altogether.

Are you currently worried about the mental health of a friend, family member or co-worker?

You may have been asking yourself, how can I approach someone with depression? Maybe you are worried about a friend who is struggling with anxiety and you are not sure how you can be supportive? Or perhaps you've been thinking, what should I do if my family member has an alcohol or drug problem, and should I encourage the person to seek professional help?

At some point in our life, most of us will be confronted with such a situation and wonder, "how do I know if someone is experiencing a mental health problem?" or "what if the person doesn’t want help?". When someone you know and love is not well or experiencing a mental health crisis, you want to be there for that person.

We've put together some simple advice based on the Mental Health First Aid Guidelines, so you can take supportive action and help someone you are concerned about.

Here's how you can help a friend, family member or co-worker with a mental health problem or experiencing a mental health crisis.

Dealing with COVID-19 Anxiety

Many people will be feeling more anxiety than usual due to the COVID-19 situation. Being anxious at this time is a completely normal response to stressful events. Take a look at our guide for methods on reducing anxiety and staying mentally and physically healthy.

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General Mental Health First Aid Questions

The Mental Health First Aid course has given me a much deeper insight into mental health problems...
It is so rewarding to know I can make a real difference in my community.

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Over 900,000 people across Australia have now been trained in Mental Health First Aid and we are calling on individuals all over the country to learn the skills, become a Mental Health First Aider and Be one of the Million.

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Research has shown that
MHFA training is associated with:

KnowledgeImproved knowledge of mental illnesses, their treatments and appropriate first aid strategies.
ConfidenceConfidence in providing first aid to a person experiencing a mental health problem.
DE-STIGMATISING Decreases in stigmatising attitudes.
Increased supportIncreases in the amount and type of support provided to others.


In response to COVID-19, Mental Health First Aid Australia has recently released new 100% online versions of our evidence-based courses for workplaces and the general community.

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Comments and feedback from previous participants

Very worthwhile and relevant course for not only my professional life but my personal life also. Highly recommended.


I believe that it would be beneficial for everyone to complete this course, especially when mental health is such a pressing issue in today's society.


I feel empowered to provide mental health first aid support to people experiencing mental problems including young people in the community.