Overview Session for Senior Leaders in the Insolvency Sector | Mental Health First Aid
MHFA: Engaging Leaders

** PLEASE NOTE: This session does not accredit participants to become MHFAiders. It is recommended for management thinking about introducing MHFA to their workplace or as a compliment where MHFA training is being rolled out within an organisation. **

This brief introductory session, intended for senior leaders, managers and registered practitioners, will provide a 'taster' of what is taught in the blended MHFA for Insolvency Professionals course. This is a FREE overview, your shopping cart will be adjusted to pay nothing.

The session will provide an overview of:

- mental health problems in the workplace
- Mental Health First Aid key concepts and the role MHFA has in creating a mentally healthy workplace
- guidelines for offering mental health first aid to co-workers and those undergoing insolvency.

Eligibility Criteria

You are a senior leader, manager or registered practitioner from within the Australian insolvency sector interested in learning more about Mental Health First Aid.