4-day Teen MHFA Instructor Course | Mental Health First Aid

The MHFA Instructor Training courses are held throughout Australia and can also be conducted for an organisation by negotiation with Mental Health First Aid Australia.

What is the teen MHFA Instructor Training Course?

This intensive 4-day course, conducted by one trainer, accredits successful applicants to conduct the Teen MHFA course. Suitably experienced Standard, Youth, Older Person and Aboriginal & Torres Strait Islander MHFA Instructors are required to attend the full 4 days of this course, after they deliver 3 full courses in their existing accreditation(s).

Cost and what is included

This 4-day course runs 9am - 5pm each day. The cost is $2,110. This covers tuition, catering, the Instructor’s Kit and ongoing support from the MHFA team. The kit contains the MHFA teaching materials such as the USB with PowerPoint slides and film clips and a teaching notes and resources folder. Informative pamphlets, books and fact sheets are also included.

Instructor Autonomy

MHFA Instructors are not employed by the MHFA Program. All accredited MHFA Instructors sign an agreement to honour the copyright of all materials and to teach the curriculum as written, without amendments to ensure that course participants get the benefits that have been shown in evaluation trials. MHFA Instructors are responsible for organising and conducting their own courses and setting their own fees.

More information

Please note: Once approved you will be required to purchase an Instructor Training course voucher from our Web shop. Please do not purchase a voucher until your application has been approved.

Eligibility Criteria

The essential selection criteria are:

  • Good working knowledge of the mental health problems affecting adolescents
  • A certificate of attendance at a Youth MHFA course in the last three years
  • Enthusiasm to deliver teen MHFA courses
  • Experience teaching, training or coaching groups of adolescents
  • The endorsement of an accredited Youth MHFA instructor who is committed to teaching Youth MHFA in any setting (eg. school) you will be running the teen MHFA training
  • The capacity to run at least 6 full teen MHFA courses per year
  • Commitment to core MHFA values, and to maintaining the reputation of the MHFA Australia Program.

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