Course - Blended Mental Health First Aid in the Workplace - 15th-20th Sep - Sydney | Mental Health First Aid
Blended Workplace
The Blended Mental Health First Aid in the Workplace course is a combination of eLearning plus a half day of face-to-face teaching. The course is for adults working in a white-collar work environment. The focus of the course is on how to help fellow co-workers, though course participants will learn mental health first aid skills that can be applied to help any adult.

Course Dates

15/09/2021 - 20/09/2021

Registration Status: Closed/Full
Course State: Processing
Max Participants: 8


Private Booking. If you or your company would like to arrange a private booking with Robyn please contact 04176881236

Sessions Dates & Times

Wednesday 1-3.30 pm and Monday 1-3.30

To register for this MHFA Course, please contact:

Robyn Rottinger

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