Course - MHFA: Engaging Leaders - 9th-9th Dec - Online, not limited to | Mental Health First Aid
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MHFA: The MHFA Engaging Leaders course is a 90-minute session designed for senior leaders, decision-makers and influencers. It equips participants with information about MHFA Australia and how our courses can be used as part of a broader strategy to create mentally healthy workplaces. This course does not teach the skills of providing mental health first aid, and there is no certificate for attendance. It should be viewed as an information session only.

Course Dates

09/12/2021 - 09/12/2021

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Course State: Completed
Max Participants: 12



Sessions Dates & Times

The session on Thursday, 4 November 2021 runs for 90 minutes, from 12 Noon - 1.30PM AEDT.

To register for this MHFA Course, please contact:

Karen Walker

Additional Information

The session runs for 90 minutes. It will:
o Discuss mental health problems in the workplace.
o Discuss how you can provide support as a manager.
o Explain how MHFA training can support your organisation to become a mentally healthy workplace.

Develop an understanding of mental health problems in the workplace.
Provide information to assist leaders in recognising that an employee may be developing a mental health problem.
Provide an overview of Mental Health First Aid (MHFA) key concepts and how the program can be embedded in the workplace.

o This session is designed to give you some information about mental health problems in the workplace and give you information about how Mental Health First Aid Training can assist in creating a mentally healthy workplace.

o Please be aware that this session will not give you the knowledge and the skills you need to have a mental health first aid conversation with someone.

o We are not wanting you to leave this session and attempt to talk to someone about their mental health problems or their suicidal thoughts and behaviours.

If you are interested in developing those skills, we will talk about attending Mental Health First Aid training, and becoming a Certified Mental Health First Aider.


Anywhere in Australia
Online, not limited to VIC 3000