Talking about Gambling for Aboriginal & Torres Strait Islander people | Mental Health First Aid

Talking about Gambling

Learn how to provide mental health first aid to people experiencing gambling problems

An introduction to AMHFA Talking About Gambling

The Talking about Gambling course will teach you how to identify, approach and support someone experiencing gambling problems using a practical, evidence based Action Plan.

This course is open to any adult interested in supporting Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people experiencing a gambling problem. It is only deliverable by Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander AMHFA Instructors.

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What’s the format?

This is a 5-hour workshop.

Who can attend?

Anyone wanting to learn more about supporting an Aboriginal or Torres Strait Islander person experiencing a gambling problem can attend.

What is the cost?

MHFA Australia does not centrally coordinate courses or set fees. Your local instructor can confirm their attendance fees.

Why attend a course?

Research has found this course
to be effective and culturally
appropriate, empowering Aboriginal
people and providing information
that is highly relevant in assisting
Aboriginal people experiencing
mental health problems.


What the course covers

This course is based on guidelines developed through the expert consensus of people with lived experience of mental health problems and professionals.

Note: This is not a therapy or support group.

The Course Will Teach you

How to approach someone you are concerned about
The risk factors, signs, symptoms and motivations which may underpin gambling problems
How relapse might affect someone with gambling problems
How to manage your own self-care when helping someone with gambling problems.

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