Blended MHFA for Nursing Students | Mental Health First Aid

Designed for TAFES and Universities that require increased flexibility in the delivery of training for their students, the Blended Mental Health First Aid Course for Nursing Students is a combination of online (eLearning) and a half day of follow-on face-to-face training. After completing both steps, participants are eligible to complete an online Accreditation Assessment in order to receive a Mental Health First Aider Certificate of Accreditation valid for 3 years. Read all about the MHFAider Program.

What is the cost?

The cost of the eLearning component (eLearning for Tertiary Students) is $50, which includes a MHFA Manual. Bulk enrolments are currently not available for this course until May whilst we update our curriculum. Please contact us to discuss your bulk enrolment needs.
The cost of the face-to-face session varies. Your local Instructor can inform you of their individual fees.

What does the course cover?

The course teaches nursing students how to assist a fellow student who is developing a mental health problem or experiencing a mental health crisis. However course participants will learn mental health first aid skills that can be applied to help any adult. Course content is tailored to the student setting using case-studies, videos and resources tailored to their learning needs.

The eLearning component covers

Course participants first complete the interactive self-paced eLearning component that presents an overview of mental health problems and mental health crises.

The half day session covers

The face-to-face component is designed to be delivered after participants have completed the eLearning component for Nursing Students.

In this face-to-face training, the focus is on the revision and application of knowledge and skills learnt in the eLearning component, providing participants with the opportunity to:

  • Examine issues pertinent to mental health problems in the student population in more depth
  • Clarify any points of uncertainty remaining after completion of the eLearning modules
  • Apply the MHFA Action Plan to relevant scenarios

How do I enrol?

Enrolling in this Blended Course is a two-step process:
1. Enrol and complete the eLearning component: enrol here

2. Attend a follow-up face-to-face session

Finding a face-to-face session

The face-to-face session of the Blended Course is not centrally coordinated by Mental Health First Aid Australia.

It is the responsibility of course participants to contact any of the MHFA instructors listed on the Find an Instructor page with the blended nursing student icon next to their names to arrange a course in their area. Most instructors are willing to travel but need expenses covered.

Check out the FAQ for blended MHFA courses

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