Blended Online Mental Health Yarns | Mental Health First Aid

The Blended Online Mental Health Yarns course is a 2-component new short course for people 18 years and over.

The course has been developed to support information about providing mental health first aid, and undertaking self-care being provided into Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander communities. It is aimed towards general community level information and is designed as an opportunity to understand mental health problems in our communities and learn some general skills to support ourselves and others.

As such, the course does not assume any existing mental health knowledge, and does not provide clinical information about mental health conditions or require completion of assessments. The course contains comprehensive visual and spoken content to support delivery and accessibility.

The course has been developed in response to COVID-19 and includes two course components:

Course Component 1 – Self-paced interactive eLearning (4 hours)
All required resources including a copy of the Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Mental Health First Aid Manual is supplied online for course participants to refer to during the eLearning. The eLearning course component covers:

  • Social and Emotional Wellbeing
  • Definition of Mental health problems & Mental Illness
  • Mental Health Problems, overview of Signs and Symptoms
  • Seeking Professional Support & Identifying Cultural Supports

Course Component 2 – Instructor-led component using video conferencing (5-hour session) follows the completion of Course Component 1 eLearning. Course Component 2 provides course participants with an opportunity to revise content covered in the self-paced eLearning program and to consolidate the application of this content with the development of practical skills in a group environment online.

The Instructor-led component covers:

  • Revision of the eLearning content
  • Clarification of any points of uncertainty remaining after completion of the eLearning modules
  • The MHFA Action Plan & Mental Health Crisis
  • AMHFA Crisis Action Plan - Crisis first aid for suicidal thoughts, behaviours and non-suicidal self-injury
  • Application of ALGEE for mental health problems and overcoming barriers to support seeking
  • Self-care

Further Information

Although most people who attend an MHFA course feel very positive afterwards, for some it may bring on some unpleasant feelings, particularly at times of great stress. It is best to do the training when you are feeling well, but in case you find yourself feeling upset about anything in the course, the following documents may be helpful and includes:

  • Ensuring you have someone to talk to about the content if you need to
  • Contact phone numbers for counselling and crisis services
  • Information about what to do if you begin to feel upset during the training.

What to do if you begin to feel upset during the training:

How do I enrol?

Enrolling in this Blended Online course is a two-step process:
  1. Enrol and complete Course Component 1 - Go to the Mental Health First Aid eLearning page and select the Blended Online Mental Health Yarns Course, this can be accessed here:
  2. Attend the Course Component 2 – Instructor led video conference session (5 hours) - You can find a local Instructor here:

Find and book Course Component 2 – Instructor-led video conferencing sessions (5 hours) with an accredited AMHFA Instructor

The Instructor-led video conferencing sessions are not centrally coordinated by Mental Health First Aid Australia. It is the responsibility of course participants to enrol in the video conferencing sessions at an appropriate time, after completing the eLearning. Remember to check the time zone as your Instructor may be conducting the sessions in a different State or Territory.

The Blended Online Mental Health Yarns Course is a privately requested course. The Component 2 - Instructor-led video conferencing is directly arranged with an accredited AMHFA Instructor.

If you have not done so already you will need to identify a local Instructor that is accredited to deliver this online course to arrange delivery of Component 2.

What is the cost?

  • The cost of the eLearning course is $44.
  • The cost of the 5-hour video conferencing session is either $150 or $165, depending on whether the instructor needs to charge for GST. Your Instructor can confirm their individual fees.
  • Participants that complete this course will be given a Certificate of Completion.