How to Apply to Become an MHFA Instructor | Mental Health First Aid

How to apply to become an Mental Health First Aid instructor

Apply to become an Mental Health First Aid instructor

Mental Health First Aid® (MHFA™) Australia runs intensive courses to train suitable people to become Accredited Instructors of the Standard, Youth, teen, Older Person and Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander MHFA Courses. Detailed information is provided below on the process of becoming an Instructor.

To become an Accredited MHFA Instructor you will need to meet all eligibility criteria, and pass an assessment during the course.

To apply, find a course to attend

Becoming an MHFA instructor has changed my life in many ways...It is so rewarding to see the difference made in our community by the courses I teach.

Reasons to become an accredited MHFA instructor

You will be part of the global Mental Health First Aid movement, with over 2.6 million people trained by over 5000 Instructors around the world. The Australian Mental Health First Aid community actively encourages and supports one another to deliver MHFA courses and provide Mental Health First Aid.

Making a difference

You will improve mental health literacy in your community, and teach members of the public how to support co-workers, family members and friends with mental health problems to find appropriate help.

Training & support

You will receive intensive, high quality training to become an Instructor, including all of the materials to get you started in delivering courses. Ongoing support from MHFA Australia helps you be the best Instructor you can be.


You can have confidence that MHFA training has a real, positive impact on participants. The course is built on a strong international evidence-base, with evaluations consistently showing that participants are more confident and offer first aid to people with mental health problems.


You will be able to set your own price, and deliver the course where and when suits you. All with ongoing support from MHFA Australia.

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Comments and feedback from MHFA instructors

It is a very well organised course with clear evidence of best practice.

The course equips us with heaps of knowledge and information to deliver the content of the course with confidence.

It gives people a well resourced, structured package that they can go and deliver with ease.