Instructor Profile | Mental Health First Aid
Noelene Vass


Standard MHFA
Youth MHFA

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Darwin NT 0820

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  • Northern Territory


Recently I have been the victim of online identity theft. If someone by the name of 'Noelene Armstrong' has contacted you re your car, boat or caravan that is for sale, please note that it is not me and is in fact a fraudulent person posing as me. Please report fraudulent online activity using my name to

I am a passionate advocate for the Mental Health First Aid program and its ability to help people to help each other. I love how the program gives people a frame work to have a conversation about mental health and the concerns they might have for an individual. The program is universal and it is easy to understand why it works at home, in the community and in the workplace.

My interest in mental health stems from my personal experience as a Mental Health Carer to someone with severe and complex mental health issues. In my current role, I deliver Mental Health First Aid to Carers of people with mental illness, chronic illness, disability and who are frail aged. Feedback from the Carers who have attended is that the course has been valuable, not only with respect to the person they are caring for, but also themselves as they manage their own mental health and self care.

I have developed a good knowledge of the Darwin region mental health services (both government and non government). The services and the type of function they offer are discussed during my course offerings and where possible printed material is available for participants to take away.