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Kirhi Euloo Wiree


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Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander MHFA
Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander MHFA

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Facilitator Portfolio My name is Kirhi Euloo Wiree. I am a Wyradjuri women from Western NSW. I hold a Bachelor’s Degree in Health Sciences, Master’s in Public Health, Teaching & Education CERT 1V

Background I have worked in the field of mental health and ATODS (dual diagnosis) for over 20 years. The majority of my work has taken place in Aboriginal & Torres Strait Islander communities I spent several years transient delivering programs in rural, regional and remote communities and missions. Although I deliver in many ATSI communities I also deliver MHFA units to many mainstream individuals who either work with individuals who maybe be developing or have a Mental Health diagnosis or wish to increase their knowledge around Mental Health. I deliver to community members, front line workers and professionals.

I have occupied many positions over that time in Government and NGO's working with a range of individuals in acute facilities, rehabilitation Units and community based activities. I have assisted/ supported Individuals, their families, carers and communities.

Course content & delivery Participants will learn about different Mental Health issues, cultural aspects that effect mental health, social and emotional wellbeing in the ATSI specific training, the signs and symptoms of possible developing or present mental illness. Participants learn what to do to assist/support, address a crises situation, what sorts of treatments that can help and where and how to get help. The training content is delivered in an interactive format to enhance and increase learning potential. Participants to date have had a very positive response following completion of the training and this is evident through an evaluation process.

Availability Training will be arranged for the next available vacant calendar opportunity. I am able to travel rural, remote, regional and interstate to deliver the Certificate level AMHFA Training. Once you decide you want to run a AMHFA Training locations and times can be established. You will be sent a quote outlining all costs. I am happy to adjust training times to suit participants needs. I am currently trained in AMHFA, MHFA, YOUTH MHFA, TEEN MHFA and Suicide intervention and prevention.

My contact details are as follows: Kirhi Euloo Wiree BHSci, MPH Jumbunna 1 |Professional Development & Community Education
Specialising in Aboriginal & Torres Strait Islander Culture and Communities (Mental Health) 8 Lachlan Close Silverdale. NSW.2754 E | M | 0498 753 882 ABN | 54 569 522 656

Regards Kirhi Euloo Wiree Mobile: 0498 753 882 Email:

Upcoming Courses | Instructing

Dates Instructor Location Course Type Status
28/01/2020 - 29/01/2020 Kirhi Euloo Wiree
Newcastle NSW Newcastle
Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander MHFA Edition 3.1 Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander MHFA Registration Open
17/02/2020 - 18/02/2020 Kirhi Euloo Wiree
Sydney NSW Sydney
Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander MHFA Edition 3.1 Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander MHFA Registration Open