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Glenda Blackwell




Standard Ed4

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Townsville  Queensland  4812


I am currently working at Mental Illness Feelowship NQ in Townsville. I am a psychologist with a particular interest in families. I also facilitate the Assisting Families Program for carers and families of people with a mental illness and PeerZone, a program for people who are recovering from a mental illness. I have previously presented the Well Ways suite of programs. I also have a small provate practice situated in a doctor's surgery. Past employment has included Corrections in Programs and as a psychologist; QLD Health doing clent centred training for staff through the Workforce Rehabilitation Project; tutoring and lecturing at James Cook University. I love working in community areas and promoting awareness and education around mental health issues with a view to reduce stigma, promotinhg recovery and promoting that all people have important contributions to make to our society.