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Paige Johnston





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Location Information

Gold Coast QLD 4228

States Available In

  • Australian Capital Territory
  • New South Wales
  • Northern Territory
  • Queensland
  • South Australia
  • Tasmania
  • Victoria
  • Western Australia


Education: - Post Graduate - Master of Social Work (Commenced 2015 – Part time)

  • University - Bachelor of Psychological Science (Graduate)

  • Australian Defence Force Commission Course – Lieutenant (Signal Corp)

  • Dual Diploma – Mental Health & Drug and Alcohol (Graduate)

  • Certified Instructor – Mental Health First Aid (Graduate)

  • Certified Instructor - Suicide Assist (Graduate)

  • Certificate - Certificate III in Fitness(Graduate)

  • Diploma – Counselling (Graduate)

  • Diploma - Diploma of Disability (Graduate)

  • High School - Grade 12 (Graduate)

Paige is a passionate go-getter with a restless entrepreneurial spirit and passion to best serve every community she is part of. A natural leader with infectious positivity, she leads from within and brings a bright smile to every room she enters.

Paige experience in mental health, suicide prevention and wellbeing support is extensive and she possesses an ingrained passion for sharing this knowledge through educating people about these topics.

During Paige’s first year studying Human Services at University that she realised the topics of Psychology and Mental Health were of particular interest to her, and research, support and care within these fields has since developed into a strong passion of hers.

In the first year of her psychology degree, Paige started volunteering within community services on the Gold Coast, giving her the opportunity to gather hands-on experience working alongside people who identify as having a mental illness and/or at risk of suicide. Shortly thereafter, she commenced employment in Mental Health Services.

Fast forward 15 years, she now has extensive experience and has developed a remarkable number of skills, expertise, understanding and overall knowledge about Mental health, Suicide Prevention, Wellness, People, Leadership, Our Community and Queensland Health Services.

Paige’s most recent experience has been in various management roles supporting large teams in Mental Health Services with Federal and State Government and NDIA funding. Personal and lived experience is invaluable when delivering Mental Health First Aid and Suicide Prevention programs such as CALM to other managers, leaders, and community members. Paige can draw on her personal experiences to enhance the training content adding an opportunity to connect with vulnerable participants within training groups.

Paige’s experience also means that she has worked with people from a range of complex needs and different life experiences or challenges. She therefore understands the importance of knowing the right services, support and assistance that is available and when to connect people with appropriate support.

Paige is extremely passionate about Mental Health, Wellness, People and how we can support each other to create a community that is understanding, empathic, holds hope and supports each other into the future.

Current Work Place: PnP Health PTY LTD Mind Health Co. (Education, Training, Health and Movement) Managing Director

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04/07/2022 - 05/07/2022 Paige Johnston
Gold Coast QLD 4228
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