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Balwyn VIC 3103

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  • Australian Capital Territory
  • New South Wales
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  • Victoria
  • Western Australia


Xam Tchen is Co-Director of Girraway Ganyi Consultancy

Xam is a Registered Nurse who holds the following qualifications: Diploma of Hospital Nursing, Bachelor of Nursing, and Graduate Diploma in Nursing Administration. She has worked with numerous individuals from a diverse array of backgrounds in her roles of nurse, case manager, and client services manager in health, community and hospital settings for the past 30 years. Xam's experience in Aboriginal health also includes working with Aboriginal Health Workers at VACCHO training in the Certificate III & Cert IV of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Primary Health Care, and with Aboriginal community services organisations. As of November 2018, Xam is accredited to deliver Youth Mental Health First Aid Edition 4, Standard Mental Health First Aid Edition 4 and co-facilitate the Aboriginal & Torres Strait Islander Mental Health First Aid Edition 3 course.