Instructor Profile | Mental Health First Aid
Ziyad Serhan





Standard MHFA
Youth MHFA
Suicidal Person MHFA

Location Information

Chester Hill NSW 2162

States Available In

  • New South Wales


Ziyad Serhan is an accredited Teen and Youth Mental Health First Aid instructor with Mental Health First Aid (MHFA) Australia. With a strong background in education and an active member of his local community, Ziyad is passionate about working with Culturally Linguistically Diverse (CAL/D) backgrounds including refugees. His experience and current qualifications, including being a teacher in a South-West Sydney High school and a Careers Counselor, allow him to bring a unique energy in the delivery of the MHFA courses. Ziyad is also the co-founder, CEO and lead instructor at educAID Australia, which focuses on the delivery of mental health education and seeks to grow people who are well rounded and resilient. He seeks to educate the wider community, including schools and community groups, in breaking down the barriers around the 'taboo' nature of Mental Health, in particular amongst CAL/D communities.