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Andrew Cookson




Standard Ed4
MHFA for the Suicidal Person
Blended Workplace
Blended Tertiary

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Glen Waverley
Melbourne  Victoria  3150


Andrew brings to his MHFA courses an approach consisting of many different perspectives. As a MHFA Instructor, he has given courses for those in the Employment, Tertiary Education and Public sectors. Professionally, he has worked as a facilitator for youth mental health-related courses, a researcher, a mental health worker in a University residential setting, and a support group leader - taking advantage of studies of psychology and other sciences. As a volunteer, he has worked for a number of years as a telephone counsellor in a rural setting, while also gaining experience as a University class tutor across multiple disciplines. In addition, Andrew takes to his classes lived experience of dealing with mental ill-health, and an enthusiasm to share those stories when appropriate.

Upcoming Courses | Instructing

Dates Instructor Location Course Type Status
10/05/2018 - 17/05/2018 Andrew Cookson
genU Training and Matchworks
40 Montclair Avenue
Suite 11, Level 1
Glen Waverley  Victoria  3150
Standard MHFA Standard Ed4 Registration Open