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David Wells




Standard MHFA
Blended MHFA for Tertiary Students

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Brisbane QLD 4000


David Wells has worked extensively in the community services, health, and education sectors with many diverse communities. He has a broad experience in developing, delivering, and coordinating; ‘education programs’, ‘outreach to vulnerable communities’, ‘group work’ and ‘individual client’ work, in areas of AOD, Sexual Health, Mental Health and Well-being, Counselling, and self-empowerment initiatives.

David held the position of Partners in Recovery Coordinator working with people who live with severe mental health conditions, who have complex needs, and currently works as a Mental Health Support Worker under NDIS.

David Wells has just come out of contract training over 400 staff and students at the University of Queensland, as well as Coordinating the ‘UQ Mental Health Champions Network’ accrediting over 100 volunteers (Champions) to be of support to staff and students in the UQ community who are experiencing difficulties with their mental Health.

Underpinning his work, David holds a Bachelor of Social Science degree in Human Services and a Masters in Health Science in Sexual Therapies (Sexology).

David Wells is a story-teller, which combines his broad experience within the mental health sector, with the 'grass-roots/on the ground' human example, delivered along-side the excellent curriculum and framework set by MHFA.

David's vast training experience delivering workshops to service staff and community, results in a style that is respecting, fun, honest and practical, whist safe and comfortable for personal engagement.

David Wells is a certified Mental Health First Aid Instructor and is looking for opportunities to deliver MHFA Training courses for Community, Education, and Businesses. Please do not hesitate to make contact.