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Ruth Degrassi


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Hobart TAS 7000


Ruth Degrassi is a Senior Curriculum Officer - Inclusive Curriculum Aboriginal  Education Services for the Department of Education Tasmania.  Ruth is responsible for the provision of effective and efficient research, leadership and program design and implementation with regard to ensuring that practices in schools are aligned to Tasmania’s Aboriginal Education Framework and Tasmania’s Closing the Gap Strategy, are inclusive and will lead to improved educational outcomes. Ruth’s passion in this role is to contribute positively and actively towards reconciliation through the education of Aboriginal histories and cultures for all Australians.

Ruth is also a senior secondary teacher and has previously taught at Hobart College and SMYL Community College, specialising in working with ‘disengaged and at risk’ youth. It was at SMYL that Ruth began to develop some real experience in Mental Health First Aid, yet not knowing at that time that such a qualification existed until 2018 when she gained her certificate as part of her professional learning program.

After a loved one experienced a serious decline in mental health in 2018 due to incidents occurring in the workplace, she realised that more people in the community, particularly managers and supervisors needed this knowledge. Ruth completed her Mental Health First Aid Instructor qualification in April 2019 and plans to run as many courses as possible alongside her full time career.