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Margo Blacklaw


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northbridge NSW 2063

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  • Australian Capital Territory
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Margo is passionate about the area of mental health and the importance of intervening early to reduce the effects of mental illness. The more people know and are aware of mental illness the more positive people will be to help reduce the stigma of mental illness. She is owner of a company called Mental Health Awareness. Her goal is to inform people to know what mental health is and how they can see early warning signs in themselves and others they associate with. then to know what to do about it. Her relevant qualifications include an Arts degree majoring in Psychology and Sociology and Graduate Diploma of Education at the University of NSW, certificate 1V in Training and Workplace Assessment, 2 year College of Holistic Counselling Certificate course, Accredited trainer in Leadership Effectiveness Training, trained in Non Violent Communication, 5 day Mental Health First Aid Certificate Instructors Course, standard refresher course, the Youth Mental Health First Aid Certificate and youth refresher course. . Margo has been training for 20 years and she is well aware the importance of engaging the participants to make the course is relevant and interesting to them. Margo ensures the group feels safe as some of the topics raised can trigger emotions for some participants. She ran a training business for 15 years which she just sold recently. Although they didn’t run courses on mental health she ran very similar courses with communication, resilience, de-escalation strategies, dealing with stress. She has been training for 20 years in these personal development courses. On a personal level she has been dealing with family and friends with mental health issues, such as substance use, anxiety, psychosis and bipolar disorder. She feels her strength is empowering people on their road to recovery.
she was an Economics teacher for 12 years and now an accredited trainer in Youth MHFA. She is also keen to run courses in schools for teachers and parents. She has attended AA meetings and Al Anon meetings to support people in need.

Additional Information

I am happy to travel anywhere in Australia to deliver the 2 day standard course and the standard refresher course. Please ring me on my mobile 0448 091 076 to book me

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Margo Blacklaw