Instructor Profile | Mental Health First Aid
Natalie Thomasen





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Sunshine Coast QLD 4558

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  • Australian Capital Territory
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Natalie is a successful businesswoman, a mother and a practiced public speaker with a passion for mental health education and awareness.

As a licensed factual investigator specialising in workplace misconduct and bullying investigations, Natalie has extensive experience working alongside HR and OHS Professionals in a wide range of industries, in particular the not-for-profit health, education and community services sector. In her travels, Natalie has seen the devastating impact of mental illness in a range of employment settings, hence her interest in Mental Health First Aid training in the workplace.

Natalie has a lived experience of depression and anxiety that has given her a special enthusiasm for raising awareness around mental illness and around dispelling the common myths that lead to stigmatisation.

Natalie's enthusiasm for the subject is evident when it comes to her delivery and presentation of the important topics contained within the Mental Health First Aid course framework.

“I’ve seen so many situations where really good employees have ended up in disciplinary situations because of a lack of education and awareness around mental illness.

“Even when employers recognise that something isn’t quite right with a particular worker, they often don’t know how to handle the situation in a way that moves the worker toward the support and professional help they clearly need. My goal is to give my clients the skills to recognise and manage mental illness in the workplace.”


"I felt that the course was greatly prevalent to issues that I face personally, equally for both Colleagues and Family/friends. I feel the relaxed environment at which the course was held and the small group size greatly helped with all participtents feeling comfortable and at ease with what is a very personal and delicate subject matter."

"Natalie is a very good facilitator. She explained the course content very well and was sensitive to those who found the content confronting. Highly recommend Natalie re delivering this training."