Instructor Profile | Mental Health First Aid
Meybell Trabanino




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Standard MHFA
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Gambling Problems MHFA
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Location Information

Melbourne VIC 3000

States Available In

  • Australian Capital Territory
  • New South Wales
  • Northern Territory
  • Queensland
  • South Australia
  • Tasmania
  • Victoria
  • Western Australia


Meybell has worked in the training industry for over 2 years and is currently the Lead Trainer- Victoria, for Empowered Lives - Mental Health Training, Support & Advocacy.

Workplace in-house training is Meybell’s specialty, and she also provides public and private training in Victoria, Sydney, and Brisbane.

As a member of the Australian and New Zealand Mental Health Association. she continues to engage in ongoing professional development. Attending courses including ‘Creating a Mentally healthy workplace’, ‘Dealing with stress and anxiety in the workplace’, The Accidental Counsellor and other professional development opportunities.

With over 18 years of career experience in workplaces with people who have lived experience with a mental illness, she has seen firsthand the importance of managers and employees attending mental health training to create a mentally healthy workplace.

Meybell loves the face-to-face interactive teaching style of the MHFA courses. Meybell believes that in order to learn it’s important to engage participants during her sessions, in her view it is imperative to run inclusive sessions for everybody no matter their walk of life. She has delivered training in various sectors such as community services, early learning, hospitality and has provided many members of the public from diverse backgrounds with an understanding of Mental Health through her work as a facilitator.

Meybell is passionate about mental health awareness, advocacy and empowering people to have the skills to support people living with a mental illness. Meybell is positive and energetic in the delivery of MHFA, participants in her sessions will walk away with confidence and inspiration to use their new MHFA skills and knowledge into practice. With a focus on recovery and strength-based principles, creating a relaxed, supportive and safe learning environment.

Through MHFA advocacy Meybell hopes to make a difference in the community by delivering thought-provoking and informative MHFA valuable courses.

Meybell can offer the full suite of MHFA accredited programs. Striving to keep learning to further her knowledge on Mental health she volunteers her time to work alongside community services such as Beyond Blue Be You Programs that will help many teachers and carers in the community to promote mental health across the country.

Participant Feeback.

  • Meybell was thoroughly engaging and supportive throughout the intensive 2 days. She was knowledgable, a great communicator, and facilitated some dynamic activities and debriefs.

  • Meybell was fantastic, she continued to give us a great understanding of each unit and answered all question. Practical kept the students involved and interested. Great work Meybell.

  • Loved how Meybell made the learning environment fun, safe and comfortable for everyone to contribute to discussion. She was very considerate on how the course content could affect some people and was very understanding of this. Covered the content clearly and efficiently.

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