Instructor Profile | Mental Health First Aid
Sharyn Hill




Standard MHFA

Location Information

Aldinga Beach SA 5173


For me mental health is important, and Mental Health training is a great way to spread the word so that we can help people in times of crisis. Actually understanding the different forms of issues and stress that affect people and knowing the right way to help is important.

As a trainer I feel that this is an important step in helping those who we care about, and giving people the tools to help effectively.

A little bit about me, I grew up in Sydney, moved to Adelaide about 20 years ago. I spent most of my working life in the Printing industry where I ended up teaching computers to Journalists for News Corp. I've been working at FirstAid Pro for over 3 years as a first aid trainer, and I love it.

I'm also a Volunteer Firefighter for the CFS, and I am a peer support worker for safecom inside the CFS. Volunteering in this forum is high pressure and our members need to know there is help out there when needed. And that is part of my role.