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Lee Pagana





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Location Information

Victoria Park WA 6100

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  • Western Australia


Lee Pagana has been a successful Counsellor for over 28 years. Lee is the director of Lifeskills Australia, a national Psychology and Counselling Centre.

Lee’s Qualifications:
• ACA- Australian Counselling Association
• EAPAA- Employment Assistance Program Association of Australia
• AIPC- Australian Institute of Professional Counselling
• Critical Incident response Counsellor

• Counselling people who have suicidal tendencies
• She has conducted and been part of fatalities on site
• Been a part of and conducted Emergency Response Team
• Assisted people in grief and loss
Lee has worked with some of WA’s leading Companies such as FMG, NSR, Perth Mint, JWH etc

Lee has written and facilitated workshops on:
• Mental Health Awareness workshop,
• Anger Management workshop,
• Personality Profiles workshop,
• School programs for Indigenous teenagers,
• Primary to High school programs,
• Stress Management seminar,
• Workplace Behaviour program,
• Communication workshop,
• Life Balance workshop,
• Self-Care workshop
Lee also facilitates a 4-day Intensive Personal Development Seminar that has successfully been running for over 20 years.

Counselling skills:
• Couples/Relationship
• Anxiety and Depression
• Grief and Loss
• Crises Intervention
• Conflict resolution in the Workplace
• Family and Corporate Mediation

Lee's aim for her clients is to achieve
• Life balance
• Alleviate emotional distress
• Educate people in Mental health
To be Mentally Strong, Emotionally Stable and Physically Well

Lee's down to earth approach and years of experience will inspire you to want to know more about Mental Health. She will help you feel comfortable so you can ask any question as she believes there is no silly question when it comes to Mental Health.