Instructor Profile | Mental Health First Aid
Tim Allchin


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Lilydale VIC 3140

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  • Victoria


Tim has had a passion for community and youth for many years. Initially trained as a secondary teacher and through working with youth groups for many years, Tim has a strong sense of engagement and hope. He has had family members with ongoing mental health issues over many years and he has journeyed/is journeying with a variety of friends walking this hard road.

Tim currently works as the RTO Manager at Ranges TEC in the outer east suburbs of Melbourne. This facility provides pre-apprenticeship training for years 10-12 boys and girls, many of whom have travelled through a schooling system which does not acknowledge or cater for their practical skills. The outworking of this is that a significant number come with a variety of coping strategies and mental health issues.

Tim has led scouts at a local level for over 12 years and similarly has journeyed with families through lived experience periods marked for them by anxiety, psychosis and other issues including through the court system, witnessing the problematic nature of this journey for sufferers and their families.

Tim has trained as a trainer and writer of training and provides frequent first aid and safety training to a variety of schools and other organisations such as scouts. Training, for him, must be about engagement with work and life practice, sharing learning and having fun together