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Toni Basile


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Melbourne VIC 3000

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Toni has spent over 25 years leading a diverse range of programs in the Children, Youth and Families, driving organisational transformation as a senior leader in Government. Toni is a Social worker, Mental Health First Aid Instructor, Certified Coach, Mindfulness (MBSM) Meditation Instructor and Float Centre Owner.

Today she works with leaders and organisations to help them to ‘Lead the Change’, rather than react to it. She works with individuals and groups to relieve workplace stress and burnout. Her unique program integrates mindfulness and NLP techniques to build resilience against stress and increase performance. Find out more about how at

Toni using Float Therapy in her work, finding it is a powerful tool in assisting with anxiety, depression and PTSD. Many of her clients report relief for their mental health issues through regularly floating.

Raising awareness of how mental health impacts our daily lives is something Toni is passionate about. Increasing understanding is critical at this time given stress is now the most prevalent illness globally of our time (WHO). The Mental Heath First Aid program breaks stigma, myths and helps develop a true understanding of mental health and what individuals can do practically to assist someone in crisis.

Toni is available to deliver MHFA - standard to work places of all types and sizes, volunteer groups, sporting groups, teachers etc. Contact me to talk through the options suitable to your workplace or environment. I look forward to facilitating this journey with you.

She also speaks at conferences, coach, run workshops and advise on the following areas as part of the full transformation cycle: • Strategic planning • Leadership Development • Business improvement • Capability development • Engagement • Service delivery • Communications • Succession planning • Diversity and Women in leadership.

To find out more about how I can assist, contact me directly 0403 132 238 or

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25/01/2022 - 25/01/2022 Toni Basile
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All States VIC 3000
Refresher Standard MHFA Standard Refresher Course Registration Open
22/02/2022 - 23/02/2022 Toni Basile
Online - All States
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All States VIC 3000
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