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Milsons Point NSW 2061

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Mental health conversations should not be scary. They ought to be a part of everyday work and family life. So, what holds us back?

My view is we worry about what to say and how to help. We want to be sure that what we say and do is based on the best research and result in getting the right support.

That is where I believe I can provide some peace of mind.

A little about my background

I am known as The Mindfield Navigator. I provide tailored leadership and mental health training to leaders and managers in Commercial, Not For Profit, Government Agencies and the Professions across a wide range of sectors. In addition, I am a Black Dog Institute facilitator (12 years) and an RUOK Community Ambassador.

I have delivered hundreds of presentations to thousands of people globally, over the last three decades. This wealth of capability and a lifetime of personal and family lived experience with mental ill-health meant it was only a matter of time before I decided to qualify as an MHFA instructor.

As a former Lawyer, I am trained to use the best available evidence. MHFA is premised on that so it was a perfect match.

My style and personal philosophy?

Twice a Human Resources Director, I am passionate about enabling people to be the best versions of themselves. And as a presenter and instructor, my driving force is to see the confidence, knowledge and skills of my participants soar.

Others have said:

“Anne brought such an incredible energy to the day. Instantly likeable, warm and engaging - Anne is a brilliant public speaker. Much more importantly, Anne brought so many practical tips and relatable anecdotes and the feedback from the team was overwhelmingly positive.” Matthew Parker, Connections Manager, Twinings

“We are very grateful to Anne for her very candid and energising presentation to our Vision Australia team. Anne shared her experience of mental health and wellbeing and made it safe and possible for many others within our organisation to do the same. Thank you Anne, you have made a big impact on our team and on the normalising of mental health.” Ron Hooton, Chief Executive, Vision Australia

“Anne brought a hugely impactful authentic and accessible style of presentation and conversation to the eBay Australia... Anne's unique style of connecting with participants in a caring and personable way through sharing her own experiences and knowledge on mental ill health was so wonderful. We have received so many fantastic reviews from staff who said the session deeply resonated with them and has helped them know how to start those challenging but important conversations. “ Anna Gambrill, Retail Marketing Manager, eBay Australia.

“Her passion, knowledge and ability to engage our employees even in a virtual world was fantastic.” Sandra Karam, NPS MedicineWise

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You can find more Recommendations, and more information including all my Qualifications and Clients at my LinkedIn profile and on my Website

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If you would like me to run a course specifically for your group, please use this link to get in touch. I would be delighted to talk with you.