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Hello, and thank you for visiting my profile here on Mental Health First Aid Australia.

I am the founder of BROS GLOBAL, an organisation that delivers professional life coaching, mental health advocacy and mentorship for men around the world, regardless of our differences and diversities. It is also a great space for anyone to develop life skills in supporting the mental health and well-being of the men in their lives.

What is my life commitment?

I have committed my life to empower blokes to find peace within themselves, have the knowledge and power to seek support for their mental health, and find the courage and resilience to fight the stigma and discrimination of male depression and suicide in our diverse communities.

What is my professional experience?

My passion in personal development, psychotherapy and psychology started in 1998 when I researched into the development of a new form of playback theatre therapy inspired by para-social interaction between viewers of mainstream popular culture television serials and the characters portrayed, with the goal to resolve personal trauma. Upon the completion of my PhD with Murdoch University in 2002, I started exploring my passion for men's health and well-being.

Over the next 16 years, I developed my experience in this field, working with men with chronic health diseases, sexual health, alcohol and drug use, mental health and social displacement. In 2017, as the CEO for Men's Health and Wellbeing WA, I successfully tabled Western Australia's first Men's Health and Wellbeing Policy, because there is so much work that needs to be done for men's health and mental health issues across governments, providers, professionals and community. This Policy was launched in June 2019 by the state government.

With my Diploma in Life Coaching and skills in neuro-linguistic programming (NLP), I started my career as a life coach and mentor to blokes. I have mentored and coached men from a wide cross-section of demographics and diversities - men from different social-economic backgrounds, culturally and linguistically diverse backgrounds, ages, sexual identities, faiths and health conditions.

These experiences have been extremely rewarding, as I was able to help them find help with their mental health challenges, seek clarity and validation in what they want to achieve in their lives, identify and overcome roadblocks, figuring out how to get there, and to get there successfully, without feeling they are any lesser of a man.

I currently deliver training to barbershops and personal trainers as a way of up-skilling these professionals in the wellness sector who do engage one-on-one with men in their businesses. These are great touch-point opportunities to offer brief interventions for mental health support and referrals.

What is my personal experience?

I have deep personal insight into lived experiences of social and cultural displacement faced by people from multicultural communities, and psychological stresses faced by people from sexually and gender-diverse populations. I have a personal lived experience and narrative of depression and suicide ideation, which allow me to truly understand the inherent struggles many blokes go through in life. These narratives add to my greater understanding of, and confidence in how I can help others.

What can I offer with the Mental Health First Aid course?

As an accredited Mental Health First Aid (MHFA) Instructor with MHFA Australia, I am deeply passionate about how mental health and suicide ideation impact our communities. Yes, my experience is working with men, but a lot of the skill-sets developed as part of this training is crucial for anyone - regardless of your gender and backgrounds - who wish to support another person with a mental illness, or who may be at risk of suicide.

So if you ever wonder how to approach someone you are concerned about and start a conversation sensitively, mindfully, empathetically and without judgement, and to support them as best you can, you will learn all these tools to become an accredited Mental Health First Aider within a safe, friendly, personable and interactive space with me and with your fellow participants. It all starts with you taking this first step with me.

(BROS is an acronym for 'Brothers Reaching Out in Solidarity'. Because mental health does not discriminate, the support spans globally for all men who identify as peers for one another, as well as women who support the men in their lives. BROS GLOBAL’s motto is to encourage men around the world to Be The Better Man, Always. Please do visit the website at You can also find out more about other training that I run outside of MHFA on the website. )