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350 South Road
Hampton East VIC 3188


Suellen Peak is a Masters Qualified Positive Psychology Practitioner and Accredited Mental Health Social Worker with over 20 years of clinical experience. Over the course of her career, Suellen has worked with diverse groups of people, in a variety of settings that include community organizations, not for profile agencies, public and private health care and private business. Suellen has a particular interest in Wellbeing Science, and fuses mindbody practices with evidence base interventions from the field of positive psychology, neuroscience and psychology to help people to cultivate their full potential. She has a love of learning and is at her best when training, coaching and teaching wellbeing and mental health to others. Suellen has a passion for education, and supporting people to live their best lives through practices, habits and interventions that support humans to flourish.

Currently Suellen is a Mental Health Trainer at Premium Health, a Registered Training Organization delivering mental health training to workplaces across Australia. Premium Health’s mental health and workplace wellbeing courses deliver a successful skillset to participants empowering them to be proactive, practice resilience and promote wellness. For more information about Premium Health courses please feel free to email Victoria or visit the website at