Instructor Profile | Mental Health First Aid
Sandra (Sam) Schirmer


08 8354 9800



Standard MHFA
Master Instructor

Location Information

Mile End SA 5031


Sam is a Mental Health First Aid Instructor and has been involved in the development and delivery of numerous training courses across various industries over many years. Through the CHG Critical Incident Debrief service, Sam provides initial care to workers following ‘out of the ordinary’ work related events, for example workers involved in hold ups or robberies, or drivers involved in bus or train accidents.

An Industrial Physiotherapist with over 20 years experience in rehabilitation, Sam is Director of Clinical Services with Corporate Health Group (CHG) and was the Founding Director of Muscular Development Fitness Unit (MDFU), at the Memorial Hospital, North Adelaide until it was closed in 1997 and relocated to CHG’s Work Health Clinic in Mile End. Sam has developed an understanding of a range of mental health issues and disorders through her experiences in complex patient management which has often included interaction with psychologists and psychiatrists to achieve functional outcomes for patients.

CHG is one of SA’s largest and leading providers of occupational risk management, injury management and health consultancy services. CHG also provides physical rehabilitation and manage chronic pain patients with a range of multi disciplinary programs, in conjunction with treating specialists and psychologists.

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