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Neal Murphy




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Doncaster East VIC 3109


Originally from Wales, Neal Murphy has held a number of professional roles including teaching, counselling, and chaplaincy. Married with two children, having moved to Australia in 2001, Neal has worked exclusively for St. John of God Health Care in the area Mission and Cultural Identity.

In his private life Neal has been a Mental Health First Aid facilitator since 2017 and has successfully delivered the two-day standard course and both community and workplace blended online courses to a number of organisations including the health care sector, mental health sector, Melbourne police, Cricket Australia, Catholic Care, and parishes within the Arch Diocese of Melbourne and Diocese of Sale.

Neal is also the Director of That Speaks of Peace, a service and ministry to those seeking pastoral counselling and faith based spiritual accompaniment.

Important principles that drive Neal in his professional and private life is the belief in the profound dignity and worth of each individual and the obligation to create better in this world in all aspects of life which includes supporting people with mental issues.

Neal holds undergraduate studies in Systematic Theology, Master’s Degree in Social Science majoring in Pastoral Counselling, Master’s in Business Administration and is a Graduate of the Australian Institute of Company Directors. Neal is an accredited counselor through the Australia Counselling Association, is a member of the College of Christian Counselors and a member of Spiritual Care Australia.