Instructor Profile | Mental Health First Aid
Chris McGrath




Standard MHFA
Youth MHFA
Suicidal Person MHFA
Blended Workplace

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Available to travel.  Victoria  3220


Chris has been a mental health professional for over 20 years. She has extensive experience in acute mental health services as well as in community based care, in rehabilitation programs and in family support. Chris has been a MHFA trainer for over 9 years and in February 2017 she completed the 4th Edition Training to deliver the updated version of MHFA and YMHFA. Chris loves teaching and working with diverse groups of people to create the most effective and enjoyable learning environment for each situation. A responsive, innovative and flexible trainer and facilitator, Chris has also provided customized mental health education in both the private and public sector. She offers training options to industry and the community - using her experience, preparatory sector research and engaging teaching style to offer a range of Mental Health First Aid courses in a manner relevant to clients.