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Catherine McCarthy





Standard MHFA
Standard Refresher Course
Youth MHFA
Youth Refresher
Master Instructor
Suicidal Person MHFA

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  • Australian Capital Territory
  • New South Wales
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  • South Australia
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  • Western Australia


Catherine is an engaging and exciting Principal Master Trainer who uses humour and real life examples of her clinical practice as a Family Therapist, to bring her training alive. Catherine's feedback is always outstanding and each participant receives her contact details to ensure ongoing support. Catherine has worked extensively with all sectors of society, from large corporations to community groups in small country towns, and she is able to adapt the course to the needs of her audience. Catherine specialises in the delivery of Mental Health First Aid Training ( Standard ,Youth and Teen),and the promotion of Mental Health and Wellbeing in the community and workplace. Catherine also develops training for the corporate and business sector, with a focus on preventative strategies around claims management, in particular,the incidence and management of mental health issues in the workplace as a means to reduce incidence of stress related claims. Catherine's training is in Psychology and Family Therapy and she has worked as a Rehabilitation consultant ,tutored at University and TAFE Colleges, counselled students at TAFE ,delivered training to parents and schools, and has worked in private practice and not for profit organisations , as a Family Therapist and Advanced ACT therapist . Catherine also provides Youth Mental Health First Aid training to organisations that are working with young people or any community groups such as sporting clubs. Catherine can also train students from years 7-12 in Teen Mental Health First Aid , to enable students to feel confident in knowing what to do to help a friend who may be developing a mental health problem or is in a mental health crisis. Catherine is also accredited to provide the Refresher course training for Standard and Youth courses , Workplace MHFA training and MHFA for the Suicidal Person . To make training relevant ,all courses are individually tailored to meet the training needs of the participants . Catherine's fees are negotiable, especially for not for profit organisations or community groups. Distance is not a problem , so no matter where your location is, or what your training needs are ,give Catherine a call today on 0402 128 180 to discuss your training requirements.