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Andy Kelly


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Nimbin NSW 2480

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  • Australian Capital Territory
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Andy is a specialist Mental Health Nurse and educator with 30+ years of experience in clinical, management and education roles in health, community, mental health, aged care and tertiary education settings. He operates his own business, Face To Face Mental Health Training and Consultancy. He has been a specialist lecturer in clinical and non-clinical tertiary Mental Health qualification courses in hospital, TAFE and higher education settings. He is a previous winner of a State Nursing Excellence Award and has been twice nominated for the Margaret Tobin Award for Excellence in Mental Health Service. Andy brings years of clinical experience to his teaching, and his clinical stories add colour and meaning to the learning experience of participants. Andy became a Master level Mental Health First Aid Instructor in June 2012 and a Principal Master Trainer in May 2018. He maintains contact with the mental health industry and provides mentorship to other Mental Health First Aid trainers across Australia. Whilst he is sought after in the inpatient and community health and care sectors for his expert knowledge in mental health and client behaviour management , many of Andy's training clients come from other industry sectors including those traditionally unrelated to the health sector, such as engineering, local government, primary industries, mining, transport, local Govt and Legal Practice. Andy is now based in the Northern Rivers area of New South Wales and is available to travel to other locations and venues where terms for fees, travel and accommodation have been negotiated. Andy's organisation, Face To Face Mental Health Training & Consultancy, conducts Mental Health First Aid training as well as tailored workshops on other mental health related topics. He provides consultancy around client/customer management where this is required. Many workshops can be tailored to your needs. Please visit, or contact Andy to ask questions or to discuss your training needs on 0448 228 874 or Sample Testimonials 'Andy presented facts and situations in an easy manner. It was apparent before he informed us, that he had worked in the mental health area for some time. His empathy with those requiring aid was strongly evident. As a presenter I would say he was very good. Not an easy job presenting 'in the face' issues in a compassionate way to a group with broad range of experience with people needing mental health aid'. 'Andy Kelly made the topics covered in the presentation precise and easy to understand. The presentation was easily laid out and the content flowed effectively. He was very successful at engaging appropriate attention from the audience' • 'I found the course invaluable when working in customer service focused environment' • 'The course was beneficial to myself and others from our department. Gained a lot from attending the 2 day sessions.' • 'Promoting awareness and being given the tools in order to support and educate not only those suffering from Mental health but also those affected by it.' • 'Andy was a really fantastic facilitator. He made the content really interesting and prevented it from becoming too heavy in the more difficult, confronting sections. ' 'Really enjoyed the way he communicated the content and felt engaged throughout the whole course. ' • 'Andy's matter-of-fact style of presenting really works for the material and topics. ' 'This meant that I was not distracted by being uncomfortable about a particular subject and loosing concentration.' • 'Terrific course and thoroughly recommended for any level of personnel. The presenter was very natural, genuine and easy to follow. Opportunities for discussion and questions were available all throughout the course. I really enjoyed the practicals. They were different and the message was clear. '''Very good course.' • 'Excellent knowledge of the subject presented in an easy to digest format.' • 'Andy was a great facilitator. His experience and examples enabled the course participants to continue to be engaged.'