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Mental Health First Aid® Training courses are delivered within Australia by our extensive network of more than 2,000 accredited Instructors nationally.  The size and strength of our Instructor network is reflected in the diverse backgrounds and unique personal and professional life experiences our Instructors are able to drawn upon, to deliver our mental health first aid courses.

Our organisation does not employ MHFA™ Instructors that we train and accredit. Many of our accredited Instructors are employed and embedded within workplaces and deliver our courses solely within their own organisations. Other accredited Instructors work independently as sole traders or small business owners to deliver public mental health first aid courses or private/onsite mental health first aid courses to private client groups within workplaces or community organisations.

Our Instructors once accredited, work independently to deliver our courses in community and workplace settings and therefore have the autonomy and flexibility to set their own fees. 

After completion of an Instructor Training Course with our organisation, each of our accredited Instructors is required to adhere to Mental Health First Aid Australia course curriculum, guidelines and standards for the continued delivery of our courses within workplaces and the community at all times.

You can find a suitable accredited Mental Health First Aid Instructor to meet your training requirements by searching relevant Instructor profiles using the course type and location in the search table below.

Please contact individual Instructor(s) directly for information about specific courses, preferred dates, enrolment requirements and costs.

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