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Applying to become an MHFA Instructor

Detailed information is provided below on the process of becoming an Instructor.

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Selection Criteria

Intensive training courses are available to train suitable people to become instructors of the Standard, Youth, teen and Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander MHFA Courses. For more information, click on the relevant icon to read more about these courses.

In general, there are eight essential selection criteria that need to be met:

  1. Good knowledge of mental illnesses and their treatment
  2. Personal or professional experience with people with mental illnesses
  3. Favourable attitudes towards people with mental illness
  4. Enthusiasm to deliver MHFA courses
  5. Good teaching and communication skills
  6. Good background knowledge of mental health services
  7. Good interpersonal skills
  8. Good business plan or organisational support to conduct MHFA courses.

Meet the criteria? The five steps to becoming an MHFA Instructor

There are five steps to becoming an accredited MHFA Instructor:

  1. Select the course you wish to attend by viewing our upcoming Instructor Training.
  2. Complete an online application by selecting 'Apply Online' on the relevant course page you have selected and also submit either a letter of support from your manager or a business plan, at least 4 weeks prior to commencement of the course.
  3. If your application is approved for you to attend the MHFA Instructor Training Course, we will email you to complete registration and payment online. Complete this to confirm your place. *See below for course fees and cancellation policy.
  4. You must also consent to our online Agreement regarding copyright materials, standardisation of the MHFA Program and accreditation requirements.
  5. During the Instructor Training Course, you will need to be successful in the ongoing assessment of your suitability as a MHFA Instructor via an open-book exam, observations by the two trainers of your communication skills, knowledge and attitudes and a 40-minute presentation on a section of the MHFA course (you will be informed of your topic on day 2).

Please note:

  • We are not able to hold a place in an Instructor Training Course for a potential applicant before receiving their application.
  • Only fully completed applications can be assessed. Submission of an incomplete or partial application will not guarantee a place in an upcoming Instructor Training Course.

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Retaining Accreditation

The accreditation requirements for Instructors are as follows -

  • In their first anniversary year, Instructors must complete 3 courses.
  • For every subsequent 2 years Instructors must then complete a total of 6 courses, with at least 1 of the 6 courses conducted in the 12 months.
  • Enter course data into the MHFA Web Instructor Management System (WIMS)
  • Accumulate 2 CPD points every 12 months via attending 1-day state workshops or completing free webcasts
  • Pay a yearly membership fee of $100.

If an Instructor becomes de-accredited, Instructors can enrol in the first 3 days of the relevant MHFA Instructor Training Course to re-accredit. The cost to attend is $515, plus an updated basic kit at $210 (which includes current teaching notes, course USB/DVD compilation & other resources) or a new full kit at $820 (which includes contents of the basic kit plus all books, brochures and additional MHFA products).
(Note: If it has been 5 or more years since the de-accredited Instructor first trained as an Instructor they must attend a full week-long Instructor Training Course to re-accredit.)
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Upfront costs to attend Instructor Training

  • $3,620 per person for 5-day Standard, Aboriginal & Torres Strait Islander MHFA Instructor Training courses
  • $4,020 per person for 5.5-day Youth MHFA Instructor Training courses
  • $2,155 per person for 4-day teen MHFA Instructor Training courses.

This fee covers tuition, catering, ongoing support from the MHFA team, first year of membership fee and the MHFA Instructor's Kit. The kit contains the MHFA teaching materials such as USB with PowerPoint slides and film clips, teaching notes and resources folders. Informative pamphlets, books and fact sheets are also included.

Should you not be successful in becoming an accredited MHFA Instructor, there will be a fee of $800 for your attendance, teaching and catering for the course. You will not be able to keep the MHFA Instructor Kit.
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The ongoing costs of being an MHFA Instructor

Ongoing costs fall into four areas -

  1. Course Materials

  2. For each course conducted, Instructors are required to purchase a course manual ($16) and a participant certificate ($1.20) per participant, which are provided by MHFA Australia at a discounted rate.
  3. Course Delivery

  4. Instructors may need to pay for advertising, venue and catering expenses. Your may also have travel and accommodation costs if you choose or are invited to travel distances to deliver training.
  5. CPD Program

  6. Instructors are expected to complete at least the minimum Continuing Professional Development (CPD) requirement of acquiring 2 CPD points within every 12 months after the first 1 year of accreditation, i.e. no CPD points required in the first 12 months after the date of accreditation. We offer 1-day state based MHFA events (2 CPD pt) and 1-hour MHFA free webcasts (0.5 CPD pt). We endeavour to keep these events free or as low-cost as possible for Instructors.
  7. Membership

  8. An annual membership fee of $100 will be due 1 month from the anniversary date of accreditation.
    If accreditation is lost, Instructors can enrol in the first 3 days of the relevant MHFA Instructor Training Course to re-accredit. The cost to attend is $515, plus an updated basic kit at $210 (which includes current teaching notes, course USB/DVD compilation & other resources) or a new full kit at $820 (which includes contents of the basic kit plus all books, brochures and additional MHFA products).
  9. Insurance

  10. Anyone delivering training of any type needs to be covered by two types of insurance:
    • Public indemnity insurance - to cover any claims against you.
    • Public liability insurance - to cover any accidents at the training venue.

    If you are employed by an organisation, your employer should have taken out public indemnity and public liability insurance to cover their core business. All employees will be covered. Check with your employer. If your employer’s insurance policy does not have either of these types, then they need to talk to their broker to arrange coverage before running any MHFA training courses.
    If you are using a training venue that is not at your workplace, then that venue owner should have and is responsible for public liability insurance.
    If you are self-employed, you will need public indemnity insurance.

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Cancellation and Transfer Policy

a) Cancellations
Fees, minus a cancellation fee are able to be refunded if an accepted applicant is able to notify MHFA Australia of their cancellation to attend. The cancellation fees are as follows:
i. Less than 4 weeks notice - $250
ii. Less than 2 weeks notice - 50% of course fee
iii. Less than 1 week notice - no refund plus cost of freight to return Instructor Kit
b) Transfers
i. Accepted applicants who request a transfer to a future course date will be charged a fee as per the cancellation policy above.
ii. Requests for a cancellation or transfer must be confirmed in writing to Mental Health First Aid Australia
c) Cancellation due to hardship
In the event of serious illness or hardship a reduced cancellation fee will be charged to recover immediate costs incurred. Supporting evidence must be provided and this decision will be made at the discretion of the CEO.
d) Course cancellation
Course registrations close 4 weeks prior to the course date. If the course is cancelled by MHFA Australia due to insufficient enrolments, a full refund of course fees will be provided to applicants, excluding travel and accommodation costs.
e) Re-attendance
If re-attendance at another course is necessary to complete your training then the following will be payable:
i. Cost of freight to return Instructor Kit from the original course to MHFA Australia and from MHFA Australia to the new course
ii. The day delegate fee charge by the venue.
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