ESTA Live. Work – Be Well | Mental Health First Aid

The Mental Health First Aid (MHFA) Blended White Collar Workplace Program is a key component of our welfare and wellness program - ‘ESTA Live. Work – Be Well’.

The new course, initially trialled with a range of managers, supervisors, call-takers and dispatchers, provides successful participants with the skills and knowledge required to support, recognise or assist a co-worker who maybe experiencing mental health issues. Course content is tailored to the workplace setting using case studies to provide:

  • Skills to give appropriate initial help and support to someone experiencing a mental health illness.
  • Skills and knowledge to take appropriate action if a crisis situation arises until medical assistance is available.
  • Awareness of the evidenced based medical treatments available and where to access additional support.

The course is delivered by Stephen Dowling, Corporate Manager Health Safety Rehabilitation and Wellness, a qualified Mental Health First Aid Instructor utilising MHFA Australia best practice, evidence based , interactive self-paced eLearning platform together with face to face training. The face to face sessions provide all participants with the opportunity to revise and consolidate skills in a group setting, and to address mental health issues in the workplace in more depth.

This strategic approach to workplace welfare aims to provide ESTA with greater capability and confidence for supporting our co-workers across all our sites 27x7. It will provide ESTA people with the skills to strengthen their individual and team resilience in learning to care for each other as we deliver care to others.

Photo: Thera Storie Head of HR , Stephen Dowling Corporate Manager Health Safety and Wellness (MHFA Instructor), Andrea Johnston, Fabienne Morgana, Emma Broughton Call-Takers, Dispatchers and recent MHFA Graduands together with Julia Oxley Chief Executive Officer.