We are recruiting for an AMHFA Program Manager | Mental Health First Aid

The Program Manager is a Melbourne based part-time position, which holds overall responsibility of the training content and development of the program currently primarily funded through grants from the Australian Government.

As the Program Manager, you will deliver the following key duties:

  • Collaborate with other team members on the update of AMHFA Course materials from 2nd to 3rd edition, including the manual, teaching notes and PowerPoint slides
  • Establish an Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander MHFA Program Advisory Committee
  • Seek out relevant grants and apply for funding
  • Implement a Reconciliation Action Plan
  • Implement improvements to the AMHFA Program based on the results of a recent survey with Instructors (and input from the Advisory Committee).

There is no closing date, but if you are interested please apply as soon as possible. The position is a 1-year contract, with the potential to become ongoing. Learn more via the work for MHFA Australia page.