Orange Sky Laundry Training Volunteers in Mental Health First Aid | Mental Health First Aid
Orange Sky Laundry Mental Health First Aid Officers

Orange Sky Laundry is the world's first free mobile laundry for people experiencing homelessness. Through a network of 11 laundry vans, 3 shower vans and 800 volunteers, Orange Sky has fostered over 1700 hours of positive and genuine conversation among everyday Australians. In the hour that it takes to wash and dry someone's clothes, the Orange Sky volunteers and friends might play board games, cricket or simply sit around and talk with each other. It's really about having those everyday conversations with everyday Australians - the laundry and showers are really only a small part of the Orange Sky service!

Orange Sky now has 800 volunteers across the country who are all supporting people in very challenging circumstances. Many of these people are experiencing not only the challenges of homelessness, but also mental health problems and domestic family violence. This is the reason why Orange Sky is so invested in training volunteers in MHFA.

To date, Orange Sky has trained over a quarter of volunteers in MHFA and over 75% of shifts now have at least one trained MHFAider on the team to support those conversations. By training volunteers in MHFA, Orange Sky aims to connect even more people in the community and unlock some potentially life-saving conversations with people experiencing homelessness.