MHFA Global Summit | Mental Health First Aid

The 2nd 2-day international MHFA Summit was held on the 18th-19th September in Dublin, Ireland and hosted by MHFA Ireland. The Summit is a gathering of all the leaders of MHFA programs around the world and presents an opportunity to share program developments, research and successes. Staff attended from MHFA programs in Australia, Bangladesh, Canada, England, Finland, Hong Kong, India, Ireland, Pakistan, Netherlands, Northern Ireland, and Wales.

MHFA Australia delegates included co-founders Betty Kitchener and Tony Jorm, CEO Nataly Bovopoulos, Adult Programs Manager Fiona Blee and Youth Programs Manager Dr Claire Kelly.

The inaugural summit was held in Vancouver, Canada in 2015. The Australian MHFA team look forward to hosting the next summit in late 2019, in Melbourne.