Older Person Mental Health First Aid | Mental Health First Aid

Mental health problems in older people are under-diagnosed and under-treated, often misattributed to ageing or poor physical health.

In response to this issue, Mental Health First Aid Australia has launched a 12-hour Older Person Mental Health First Aid (MHFA) course. The Older Person MHFA Course trains people who care for older people to recognise and respond appropriately to older people developing mental health problems, rather than waiting until a mental health crisis develops to act.

The course teaches skills in how to support an older person experiencing depression, anxiety, psychosis, confusion and dementia, and a range of mental health crises. The curriculum has been informed by the expert consensus of professionals and from people with lived experience.

If you would like to complete the Older Person MHFA course, you can search for an Instructor, alternatively you can choose to train as an Instructor to allow you to deliver Older Person MHFA in your community or workplace.