Exciting results for teen MHFA | Mental Health First Aid

The results from a recent study of the teen Mental Health First Aid course (tMHFA) suggests how valuable this program will be for schools and students.

This research evaluated the teen MHFA program,
a classroom-based training program for students
aged 15 - 18 years which aims to improve supportive
behaviours towards peers, increase mental health
literacy and reduce stigma. The tMHFA program
was compared to a matched emergency Physical
First Aid (PFA) training program using a
cluster-randomised crossover trial in four
public schools. Researchers concluded that
tMHFA is an effective and feasible program for
increasing supportive first aid intentions and
mental health literacy in adolescents in the short term.

'These are exciting results from a strong trial of teenMHFA. Our findings mirror those found for the adult courses available and suggest how valuable this program may be for schools and students. We are now conducting a larger randomised controlled trial with funding from the National Health and Medical Research Council in Australia to further understand the impact of training on students and long-term impacts on mental health first aid skills, help-seeking and mental health in young people' - Laura Hart, Lead Author