YOUR ARTWORK, YOUR STORY - Let Your Story be Part of Ours | Mental Health First Aid

Mental Health First Aid Australia is committed to telling the stories of people with lived experiences of mental health problems.

We are looking to licence artworks from artists and designers with a lived experience of mental health problems. We are planning to use these artworks across MHFA resources, including our course manuals and handbooks, powerpoint slides, as well as in our general marketing material.

The image you submit should tell the story of your recovery journey from a mental health problem.
The images can depict any mental health problem unless specified in the categories below.

You can submit your artworks into one or more of the below categories:

Youth - Artist must be under the age of 30 when the artwork was made.
Older Person - Artist must be over the age of 50 when the artwork was made.
Gambling Problems - Artist must have a lived experience or be a carer for a person who has experienced gambling problems.

Deadline: Please submit your artwork/s by Monday 17th December 2018

What you should do next…

If you are interested, please submit a high-quality photo of your artwork through our online form:


If your artwork is selected, we will get in contact with you to discuss licencing your image for our courses.

We will pay a licencing fee of up to $500.

Frequently asked questions

What does artwork licencing mean? Will I still be able to use my artwork?
If your artwork is selected, you will still be able to use it - you will just be giving us permission to use it too. There will be some conditions. You won’t be able to licence the artwork to any other organisations while you are in a licencing agreement with MHFA Australia.

What should my artwork show?
We are looking for artworks that show your experience of any mental health problem. We would like the artwork to focus on your recovery experience. If someone helped you in your recovery journey (i.e. provided you with Mental Health First Aid) we would love to see that.

What does “high quality” mean?
We need the image to be above 100 dpi at A4 size. If you are not sure, submit your artwork to us in the most high-quality way possible and we will let you know if we can use it.

Will you need the original or just the picture?
We just need a high-quality digital image of the artwork. You can keep the original!

How many artworks can I submit?
As many as you like!

Is the price negotiable?
Your artwork is incredibly valuable because it represents your unique story and experience of recovery. However, as a not-for-profit organisation, we have strict budgets for artworks and are only able to pay up to $500 per artwork.

What mediums are preferred? Photos, paintings, illustrations, sculptures?
We have always used paintings or illustrations in the past, that said, we are open to new possibilities and will consider all options.