CEO Nataly Bovopoulos is Moving On | Mental Health First Aid
New MHFA Policy Announcement

Nataly Bovopoulos has resigned from her position as CEO of Mental Health First Aid Australia and will be moving on from the organisation at the end of 2018. Nataly has been with the MHFA Program since 2011, as a Program Manager, Deputy CEO, and then as CEO from 2017.

Nataly has made many notable contributions to the organisation. She had a major role in setting up the company and served as company secretary for many years. Workplace mental health has been her particular passion. While Deputy CEO, Nataly championed the expansion of MHFA training beyond human service occupations to workplaces in general. She was the major force behind the MHFA Skilled Workplace Program and the concept of MHFA Officers. She also led the redevelopment and expansion of the Web Instructor Management System that underpins the organisation’s support for instructors. Since Nataly took the role of CEO in 2017, the organisation has continued to expand both in Australia and internationally, with several new courses added and a number of new countries adopting the program.

While it is a loss for MHFA Australia that Nataly is moving on from her role as CEO, we hope that she continues in the future to contribute her significant talents and passion to improving the mental health of the community.

The Board of MHFA Australia is currently working with Transearch to select a new CEO, with the aim of having this person on board at the start of 2019.

Tony Jorm
Chair of Board, MHFA Australia