Lived experience film for new Senior Leaders course | Mental Health First Aid
Senior Leaders

Mental Health First Aid Australia has received funding to create a lived experience film for our new Senior Leaders Session. We are currently recruiting people who would like to share their story of receiving support for their mental health problem in the workplace.

If you are interested in being involved in the filming, please read through the below information and complete the online EOI form.

What is the Senior Leaders Session?

The Senior Leaders Session is a 90-minute overview session which gives Senior Leaders within workplaces an opportunity to learn what MHFA training is all about. It helps them to understand how MHFA training can benefit their organisation. It also provides some tips on how to effectively support an employee developing a mental health problem within the workplace.

What is this project about?

To support the development of this Session, we are producing a film that shows people talking about how they have managed their mental health problem in the workplace and what the workplace did that was helpful and supportive. This film will be shown during the Senior Leaders Session.

What is the purpose of this film?

To expose senior leaders to individuals with a lived experience of a mental health problem in the workplace, in a non-stigmatising context.

· To develop senior leaders’ understanding of what it might be like to experience mental health problems at work.

· To discuss the important role workplaces can play in supporting employees with mental health problems.

· To share stories that encourage senior leaders to actively engage in programs to support employees with mental health problems.

Who can get involved?

We are looking for people who have experienced a mental health problem whilst in the workplace and have now recovered. We are looking for people who can talk about positive experiences of disclosing mental health problems in the workplace, and what their workplace did to support them.

MHFA Australia believes it is important to de-stigmatise mental health problems by discussing them openly. For this reason, we are looking for people who are comfortable to talk about their experiences to camera, without disguising their identity. Full names will not be disclosed in the film and participants will be referred to by their first name only or a pseudonym (made up name) if preferred.

You do not need to disclose the name of your employer.

Where and when will filming take place?

We would prefer to film in a place where the participant feels comfortable, so we will travel to you to undertake the filming. Filming will take place in October 2018.

What will we be asking people about?

We will ask people to answer the following questions to the camera:

· Provide a brief introduction of yourself

· Can you tell us about your mental health problem?

· What was it like managing this mental health problem at work?

· What made you decide to disclose your mental health problem to your workplace?

· What did your workplace do that supported you?

· How was this support beneficial to you and to the workplace?

Who will be doing the filming?

The filming will be undertaken by a film production company. There will be a paid camera person and producer present. The Manager of Specialised Programs at MHFA Australia will also be present.

Who will see the film?

The MHFA Program uses a train-the-instructor model, teaching instructors how to present the MHFA course in their own local community or workplace. The Senior Leaders Session will be run by these instructors. This means that the film will be shown both during the instructor training and when the course is run in workplaces. The film will not be made publicly available over the internet (e.g. via Youtube).

Participants will be asked to sign a release form, which acknowledges the right of MHFA Australia and accredited MHFA Instructors to show the film during their training programs.

Support person

People are encouraged to bring along a support person if they feel that will assist them. The support person is not required to be filmed.

Will there be payment?

People appearing on the film will be provided with a $250 Coles Myer Voucher as reimbursement for their time and for sharing their personal story. Additionally, if we can’t travel to you for filming, we can fund your travel to your closest major city and provide you with up to two nights accommodation. We can also fund travel and accommodation for the support person.

How do I get involved?

Complete the EOI form which is available here: