Lived Experience Recordings - Your voice can make a difference | Mental Health First Aid

Mental Health First Aid Australia is committed to telling
the stories of people with lived experience.

We are looking to licence audio recordings of people with lived experience of mental health problems.
We are planning to use these recordings in our new refresher course.

The recordings should fit into one of the following categories:

Substance use problems

The audio recording you submit should include:

  • Main symptoms you experienced
  • How these symptoms impacted on your life
  • Any MHFA experiences you had (i.e. if there was anything people did or said that helped you on your recovery journey)
  • A message of hope for others

Example recording (Your audio recording must be a maximum of 4 minutes long)

Deadline: Please submit your recording/s by Friday the 31st of May.
We aim to let people know the outcome within 1 month of the deadline.

What you should do next…

If you are interested, please submit a high-quality audio recording via our online form.

The recording should be a maximum of 4 minutes long and 20mbs in size. The file format must be MP3

The easiest way for you to record your story may well be via your smartphone.
For suggestions on how to achieve the best quality recordings possible, please review
this article How to make high-quality voice recordings using your smartphone

Submit your recording/s via our online form by clicking here

If your audio recording is selected, we will get in contact with you to discuss licencing it for our courses.

We will pay a licencing fee of up to $250.

Frequently asked questions

What does licencing mean? Will I still be able to use my audio recording?

If your audio recording is selected, you will still be able to use it - you will just be giving us permission
to use it too. There will be some conditions. You won’t be able to licence the audio recording to any
other organisations while you are in a licencing agreement with MHFA Australia.

What should I say in my audio recording?

We will be using the audio recordings to help participants understand the signs and symptoms of
mental health problems. As such, your recording should say what signs and symptoms you
experienced and how these impacted on your day to day life.

Can I talk about more than one mental health problem in my recording?

We would prefer to keep things simple and have one mental health problem per recording.
So if you want to talk about both anxiety and a substance use problem, we would like you to
submit two separate audio recordings.

Do I have to talk? Can I sing or read a poem instead?

If you have written a song or a poem you are more than welcome to use this in your recording.
We still need it to include the main symptoms you experienced and how these impacted your life.

My recording is longer than 4 minutes, can I still submit it?

4 minutes is the maximum we can accept. If your recording is longer than 4 minutes,
please think about what you can cut out so that it is under 4 minutes.

How should I make my audio recording?

You can use any software to create your audio recording. It just needs to be delivered to us in
MP3 format. It also needs to be less than 20MB. You should make sure your recording is clear
without excessive background noise. If you are looking to record yourself via your smartphone,
review the article linked above.

For other suggestions for free audio recording and conversion software, please see the list below.

How many audio recordings can I submit?

As many as you like!

Is the price negotiable?

Your audio recording is incredibly valuable because it represents your unique story.
However, as a not-for-profit organisation, we have strict budgets and are only
able to pay up to $250 per audio recording.

We look forward to receiving your submissions.