Share2Care campaign promotes Mental Health First Aid | Mental Health First Aid

Share2Care Now is a movement created by founder Markus Winzer, an individual with a desire to create a supportive and caring environment
for people who suffer from mental health challenges. Markus and his fiancee' and co-founder, Gergana Kiryakova, completed Mental Health
First Aid training after the loss of a dear friend to suicide and immediately understood the value the Mental Health First Aid course can
provide to the community and friends of people who struggle with mental health problems. It was through this journey that the idea
of Share2Care was formed.

Today the movement has 12 likeminded individuals, all volunteers, helping and brainstorming on how to further facilitate the expansion of the
MHFA course and certification.

As part of their ideas, they have launched 'bite the lemon and lime challenge' on social media which works by
nominating 3 people and sharing the uncomfortable truth about the impact mental health challenges have not only on the individual but on the wider community including the family, friends and work colleagues.

The impact on the community was indeed what prompted Markus to come up with the idea and act on it. In his own words it is great that we have so many associations that care about awareness and removing the bias but what is missing is empowering the community to deal with what happens when somebody says 'I am not OK', 'I am struggling' etc.

Share2Care Now is launching their first community event on the 5th of May 2019 hosted by the Sound Dome in the Entertainment Quarters
in Sydney at 2 pm for an afternoon of inspiring talks and music. The movement has attracted over 70 ambassadors from all over the world
who are currently sharing their videos and posting about their involvement and desire to help.

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