International MHFA Programs | Mental Health First Aid

Mental Health First Aid (MHFA) has spread rapidly within Australia and has also grown into a universal mental health program, having been adapted for use in a number of other countries. The creators of MHFA, Betty Kitchener AM and Professor Tony Jorm, have been generous in sharing the program overseas. Rigorous evaluation of the MHFA Program has also contributed to its international uptake.

International MHFA Programs

To date, over 25 countries have licensed and adapted the MHFA Australia program for their own settings. Find out more on our standalone website The International Directory of MHFA Programs.

Learn more about the program uptake around the world: Kitchener, B.A. & Jorm, A.F. Mental health first aid: An international programme for early intervention. Early Intervention in Psychiatry 2008, 2:55-61 (PDF).

Licensing and adapting MHFA for your country

If you would like to license MHFA for your own country, read about the procedures involved.